Sunday, September 4, 2011

My little man

Gig Em' Aggies!

He doesn't care that he has his sister's paci!

Touch my sister and I'll get you!

My sweet boy

Bubbie, you are my little man, my heart melts when you are around. I love to hear you shout "MOMMA" when you wake up from your naps. I love when you pull on my legs to pick you up. I love that you lay your head on my shoulder when you are feeling sweet. I love when you get excited about things on t.v. and you get my attention so I can be excited with you. I love that you love to read and bring me books, sit on my lap, and point at the pictures. You give me open mouth kisses that are wet and sloppy- and I wouldn't trade them for the world. You are all boy...running, climbing, dusty and dirty, messy, fast, sweaty, and mostly loving. You are a sweet boy. Sweet to me, your daddy, and your sisters. I love you Bubbie.

At 18 months you:

still love to play with any type of ball

say: momma, daddy, tuck (truck), duck, sis, air air (airplane), cacker (cracker), bird, cow, dog, papa, poppi, dink (drink), book

take 1 or 2 naps per day

still have your paci and LOVE your blankie

love to read books

your favorite place to play is outside

favorite food- cheese

still sleep in your crib (thankfully!)

like to walk around in your sister's dress up high heels:) shhh...I won't tell!<

you arent afraid to get dirty, muddy, or wet

can climb to the top of the fort in the backyard with no help!

I love you Carter, you make me so proud to be your momma.